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Helium LoRa outdoor Bi-Directional amplifier

Helium LoRa Bi-Directional amplifer optimized for Helium mining. If you need a bigger shovel to boost your HNT mining efforts then here it is!
Delivery date: 1-2 days in EU and 3-5 days for rest of the world


A customer reached out and asked if we could adopt our massive success with our DJI drone booster kit into a booster/amplifier for the Helium network.
At the time we had not looked into HNT minig at all but decided that it would be fun to give it a go.
Luckily we were up for the challenge and ended up developing a high quality product that really makes a difference.

Does it work?...yes it does and you don't have to take our word for it, you can check the performace of our Bobcat 300 miner below!
Our geographic location is far from optimal and before we installed the booster, the performance of the Bobcat was pretty poor to say the least.
The HNT amplifier were installed on the 22nd of June and after that you will see that the performance has increased significantly.
Mining rewards are now pretty good and well above network average!

This is not a resale product that can be purchased everywhere but our own creation with focus on actually increasing mining rewards by improving coverage and bringing value to the Helium network.


Low insertion loss pre-SAW filter and no cavity filter is required.
Small, efficient and waterproof.

Max output power:
Amplifier connectors: N-KFD to Antenna, N-JFD to Cable
Tee DC Feeder connectors: RP-SMA-KFD to Cable, RP-SMA-JFD to Hotspot 
TX Gain: 6 dB
RX Gain: ≈17 dB
EVM: 3%@30dBm
Input and output impedance: 50 Ω

We are selling our HNT amplifer at a reduced price for a limited introduction period!