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NLD 2.5W Bi-Di Signal Booster Kit for DJI drones

2.4GHz & 5.8GHz dual-band 2.5W signal booster kits work great with DJI drones specifically. But they can but can be used with anything that uses WiFi for transmission.
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Choose FCC mode if you are in the US/Canada, CE mode
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IMPORTANT: You must match the board to your country!
Only order the FCC board if you live in the USA or Canada. 

  • Our 2.4GHz & 5.8GHz dual-band 2.5W dual-band booster kit is compatible with anything that uses WiFi for transmission.

  • Significantly enhances the signal while automatically identifying the frequency of the host signal and can switch frequency bands automatically.

  • These are bi-directional signal boosters, while RC only and software boost is uni-directional

  • MAX RF Transmit Power = 2500 mW, Receive Gain = 13 dB

  • Boosts signal between 200% and 300%

  • Supports all dual-frequency products of DJI and all dual-frequency drones

  • Our kit includes a booster module for both Aircraft AND Remote-Control, which makes this kit superior to anything else on the market!
  • The kit includes a relay for power isolation and a manual power switch if you prefer manual control.

Advantages of power amplifier vs. high gain antenna 

High gain antenna boosters sacrifice omnidirectional performance and concentrate all signals in one direction, which requires the UAV operator to point the antenna towards the UAV at all times. If you ignore where the aircraft is, you will lose the signal.

Our Bi-Directional Booster kit works with the original antenna, and you don't need any bulky external reflectors. Just go fly! Our Booster kit maintains the aesthetics of the remote controller intact.


Model Number


MAX RF Output 

2.5 W

Frequency Band


Max RF Input


Cooling mode

Passive cooling

Min RF Input power


PCB Size

35*32*3.5 mm

Power Supply Voltage

5 V

Output connector


Power Supply current

1.2 A

Input connector 


MAXPower dissipation

≈ 6 W

2.4GHz TX Gain

13 dB

 5.8GHz TX Gain

13 dB

2.4GHz RX Gain

13 dB

 5.8GHz RX Gain

13 dB

LED Indicators: RED LED = 2.4G mode, BLUE LED = 5.8G mode


Comprehensive manual and "community supplied" videos

Our team have been working tirelessly on documentation for the booster board to make it even easier to install. The details are available at our wiki site here.

The documentation includes community-sourced videos showing the installation process for different products. If your equipment is not listed, the generic details will help you get started with any drone!

Installation is easy

If the written documentation is not simple enough, we have a wiring diagram that even a child could understand. After you pre-assemble the kit, all you need to do is connect the antenna connectors, and connect the power to your aircraft, using a multimeter to detect the correct location, or follow community supplied recommendations. The process is similar for the aircraft, but without the relay. Just find a place where the battery connects to the main board and tap in.

  • Connect ground to a ground pad on your rc board (or as close to the battery as possible)
  • Connect + constant to a + pad where the batteries connect to your controller which should provide voltage even when the aircraft is turned off. (or as close to the battery as possible)
  • Connect + switched to a + pad that only provides voltage when the remote control is turned on.

Need help?

Dont be afraid to ask. Open a support ticket, or join our discord server and talk to the people that wrote the book. Our staff created the installation guide, so they're the best people to give you advice if you get stuck. We dont have one of every aircraft in our fleet, so we cannot guarantee we can tell you the aircraft specific connection points. But, we can tell you how to use a multimeter to find the correct points for your bird if you need assistance. Want someone to do it all for you? No problem. We can refer you to our partner network, who are handy with a soldering iron and ready to get you boosted.

Documentation: Booster Kit Documentation